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The Outdoors. Re-imagined

Prepare for a new way of experiencing the great outdoors. King-sized beds instead of sleeping bags, mood lighting instead of flashlights, and a wine glass instead of a canteen – this is camping like you’ve never experienced. Wake up to the sounds and scenery of the forest, the nature and peace of backcountry camping without having to rough it. Escape to Ontario’s glamping getaway, just a couple hours out of Toronto.

Gaze Through a Professional Telescope

This is really a once in a life-time experience. Offering more than 5x the light collection of an average professional telescope, you can see galaxies like Andromeda with ease. Look into deep space to look at galaxies and nebula, or keep it local and take in the views our Solar System has to offer.

Easily visible will be:

1. Tiny Craters on the Moon

2. Saturn & it's Rings

3. Jupiter & it's Moons

4. Mars

5. Galaxies & Stars in Deep Space (Andromeda Galaxy, the Pleiades)

Kayaking, Swimming, SUP

Get in the lake and enjoy the freshest water that Ontario has to offer. Our spring-fed lake features some of the cleanest and warmest waters possible. Have a swim, jump off the dock or paddle around on our variety of water vessels. When you're done with water activities, come lounge on our man-made beach and fade away into relaxation, or have a drink by the dock and enjoy the views.